The Donnas - Spend The Night (Cover Artwork)

The Donnas

Spend The Night (2002)


Diary of a first time Donnas listener, driving home on the Beltway during rush hour:

6:30pm: Hmm, the new Donnas record... good chance to spew out a bunch of self-righeous nonsense about the sad nature of the record industry and the average music listener's complacency with what Spin tells them is "cool."

6:31: So far so AC/DC.... just like..... with girls.

6:32: Woah, is that cowbell I hear?

6:32:30: Hey! That van's license plate says "go playa." That's hot.

6:33: More cowbell! Explore the cowbell!

6:34: So "Take It Off" is the radio single... ok, kind of catchy...

6:36: Look, silver Jetta, do you want to move over or not?! I'm giving you space here... alright fine....

6:36:30: Oh now you want to move over! Nuh uh!

6:39: Wow, track 5? Still sounds like the first song...

6:41: I think they've used the same rehashed Motorhead guitar riff over 3 dozen times already.

6:45: Woah, no thanks on the all-girl gang vocals.

6:48: WHY IS TRAFFIC STOPPING??? There are 6 lanes here!!!

6:50: This seems like the female companion to Andrew WK.

6:51: Apparently the expensive producer didn't know any new drum rhythms either.

6:53: The aforementioned expensive producer did however make the guitars sound nice and crunchy.

6:55: God damn you orange Aztek! I need to move over, see the signal?? Don't take out your frustration with your substandard vehicle choice on me!

6:56: This song isn't so....... Well son of a bitch, now I've missed my exit! That Linkin Park record over there is looking really good...

6:58: What was I saying earlier? Oh yeah.... I've almost made it to the end without hurling this CD at the green Taurus that's tailing me... That must count for something.

6:59: Ahhh, my exit.... hello exit.

7:00: Uhhh "Take Me To The Back Seat"? Hey Donna, I'll sell you a little of my self-restraint if you want.

7:02: I could really go for a Twix bar right now....

7:03: Woah, surf rock? This one's getting skipped....

7:03:04: Last song! I made it!

7:05: You know I think i just witnessed an entire album of filler.

7:06: Alright I'm home, though I think it's time to head out to the used CD store to ditch this thing. The catchniess doesn't quite make up for the lack of substance.