Cop Problem - Cop Problem [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

Cop Problem

Cop Problem [7-inch] (2012)

The Compound

Cop Problem hails from the seemingly ever-fertile Philadelphia punk/hardcore scene. The band’s website bills them as “D-beat-infused punk rock… littered with rampant blasting hardcore/crust rage,” but the guitars demonstrate the broad range of Cop Problem’s influences. The riffs are melodic with clear ties to crust’s extreme metal/NWOBHM heritage. Unlike a slew of other releases billed as “crust,” the self titled 7-inch's production is crisp and clear, which allows the bass and drums to ring through and push the momentum forward. Unfortunately, the disjointed nature of some of the songs’ structures (especially in the opening track: “Monuments”) take away from a full realization of Cop Problem’s potential as the new hope of U.S. crust. The band sounds the best, when they stick to the formula that caused their demo to stand out from the pack: driving/melodic guitars, thick bass, blast beats, political lyrics, and powerful female vocals. When the planets align and all of those elements are in place, Cop Problem is able to deliver some of the most engaging punk rock of this decade, which is this 7”’s saving grace.

Overall, the lack of unity and cohesion makes this 7” a weak release in the Cop Problem discography. Recommended with hesitation.