Staring Out The Sun - Break The Silence [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Staring Out The Sun

Break The Silence [EP] (2015)


London hard rock outfit Staring Out The Sun boast a big, bold, breathless sound that’s built on strong songwriting, fearless musicianship and juicy production. New release Break The Silence is a joy from beginning to end, a heart-pounding, fist-raising record that picks up where Alien Ant Farm and Finch left off in the early 2000s.

With producer Matt Hyde (Fightstar, Slipknot) at the helm, Staring Out The Sun are an unstoppable juggernaut, glorious, soaring vocals flying high above infectious grooves, commanding vocals, chunky riffs and pile-driving drums. Their tunes are of the anthemic and triumphant variety, festival-ready and radio-friendly, but nevertheless throbbing with emotional depth. What’s more, their tight-as-a-snare-drum harmonies -- reminiscent of fellow London favourites Night By Night -- lift SOTS well above other, less polished, hard rock acts, and into a whole new stratosphere.

I’d be hard-pushed to pick a highlight from Break The Silence. “Trust No One” is a blistering opener; “YMEE” has an absolutely massive chorus; “Secrets” thuds and thunders; “Anaesthesia” starts a cappella, which automatically wins points in my book. It’s just all good. All good.

Together, John, Alex, Tekin and Chris have created a fresh and contemporary sound that, though it harks back to classic bands of the genre, feels resolutely modern at the same time. The hard rock scene is a saturated and fiercely competitive one, but these boys have more than demonstrated they have what it takes to rise above the swamp. Best of luck to ‘em, I say.