Rock Masters Band - Hit The City / Diamonds [Single] (Cover Artwork)

Rock Masters Band

Hit The City / Diamonds [Single] (2014)


Finland five-piece the Rock Masters Band describe themselves as a “supergroup.” This might seem a little grandiose, but then the Rock Masters are nothing if not self-assured. Forming from the ashes of popular Finnish bands Species and Spiha, this Helsinki outfit make fuzzy, thudding blues-rock in the vein of Royal Blood, The Black Keys and Queens Of The Stone Age, showcased in all its glory in new double single Hit The City / Diamonds.

“Hit The City” is very much a song to cruise to, preferably down a long, straight desert road with the window open. Soaring guitars and snarling vocals sit atop solid drums, cocksure, melodic bass and the ever-present chk-a-chk of percussion. There’s nothing particularly revolutionary in the Masters’ sound, but it’s confident, rock-steady and accomplished, paying homage to the heroes of frontman Sami “Haxu” Hakala, bands like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Mötley Crüe.

“Diamonds” lurches in a different direction altogether, dragging aspects of Metallica and Muse into the fold. Unlike its predecessor, the song attempts - and succeeds at - some unexpected chord structures and tempo switches, keeping you guessing right until the end. Hakala’s given the opportunity to undertake a few vocal acrobatics too, which he pulls off with aplomb.

Fans of this breed of indie rock will find plenty to keep their head nodding in the Rock Masters’ soundscape, but will the influence of the self-proclaimed supergroup extend beyond their native Finland? Only time will tell.