Defective - Puberty (Cover Artwork)


Puberty (2015)

Carpet Shoes Records

Defective is a musical project by Justin Tongel. Being a Carpet Shoes Records artist, it only makes sense that Puberty is one of the strangest albums ever made. Almost every song features instruments that are out of time with each other. Top that with some rough vocals, and you got Defective. This album almost seems like a compilation of Defective songs. It has two covers, two songs featuring Thomas Bjorkstrand (those are pretty much joke tracks), two demos and one single that was renamed for the album. Songs like "Well Done, Son" and "It's the Thought That Counts" have heavy drums and memorable riffs. The opener, "If You Love It, Set It Free," is somewhat of a classic Defective song. It showcases Justin's vocal ability to full potential. The covers of "Pennyroyal Tea" and "Jesus Don't Want Me for a Sunbeam" bring the songs to another level, with the classic Defective sound. They're a bit awkward on the album though. Especially a debut album. They add to the compilation feel, which isn't necessarily a good thing. "WHY?" and the demo "EG" are great additions to the record. "WHY?" has one of the best lines in music history. "Why do I always feel like some poo?" Add a killer depressing riff and a serious vocal tone, and it's pretty hilarious. "Riches Concoction" is a terrible song. I'm not sure if it counts as a song, but it's just a bunch of noise with some screaming. "Vommitron" is the better of the two songs featuring Thomas Bjorkstrand, because it's actually funny. It doesn't work well as a closer though. It would have been a good hidden track. Overall, the album has its high points, and it has some pointless points. The songs that Justin wrote by himself are promising. The out of time instruments and raw vocals work surprisingly well. A few filler tracks and a mediocre track listing ruins the feel in a way. Defective displays a hopeful future with Puberty. A fun listen, and inspiring recording.