The Desperate Mind - Amassed Sickness (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Desperate Mind

Amassed Sickness (2015)


The Desperate Mind are a four-piece from Czech Republic who pay a lot of homage to '90s punk, especially the skate-punk arena. Amassed Sickness, while a work-in-progress, is a great introductory point, accessible and full of anarchic attitude, for a band that does well to mimic influences such as Rancid, NOFX and so many others, but still maintain a sense of identity, which you hear via their sociopolitical Euro missives on the album.

"Total Sucker" and "Welcome To Your Nightmare" are reflective and stark reminders of how much of the world craves a revolution. Their style in delivery, though? Feels like a mash-up of Green Day and Sum 41, which you'd quickly observe from Martin J. Polák's mic work. The tracks feel like rough demos and could do with some polishing but then again, there's something raw and garage-y about The Desperate Mind which I think the likes of Epitaph and Jade Tree could harness. "Searching For The Hysteria" is another homage-like track which nods to The Offspring.

Infectious and energetic from a band that has so much to say in a time where economies are crumbling and relationships are reduced to digital signals. The Desperate Mind hold up the mirror to Europe, and society in general, and are definitely a pleasant surprise from way east. As "Andy's Diary" cuts loose with aggressive riffs to the end, it's a fitting finale for an album that really does signify what's wrong with the world today. Recommended.