Leather Daddy - Leather Daddy [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Leather Daddy

Leather Daddy [7 inch] (2015)

Failure recordings

Static, feedback, set it off. Leather Daddy’s debut, self titled 7 inch rips apart challenges and annoyances faced on a personal and societal level. With a heavy 80s and 90s Boston hardcore influence,  the ferocity in the band's playing is aided by the sound of the recording, just enough rawness and distortion on the instruments and echo in the vocals to take it to the highest level of hardcore enthusiasm, while staying at a punk-worthy pace.

Leather Daddy contains two songs previously released: “Menace” off of Sob Story and “Cracks” from a demo tape (both definitely worth seeking out, too). It is nice to hear what are arguably the previous bests as new recordings, especially because they act as the verbal lashings between the crushing physical nature of the three new tracks, which Leather Daddy does with specific Boston punk vitriol, making the listener angry that others were the cause for this much grief to begin with.

The 7 inch is a cathartic eruption of frustration, exemplified in the highlight track “At Night,” where a series of pop shots on drums, covered by swampy bass, introduces the notable shouting “I don’t want to hear about it” in the first half of the song, followed by an onslaught of street punk riffing on guitar, and the finishing, “I wish you were dead. I dream at night of smashing in your head.” A similar sentiment is felt in the last song, “Head,” where the vessel popping hook, “In your head, in your rotting head!” is relentlessly shouted.

Leather Daddy has made one of the best releases in 2015. The wrath from aggravation created in the lyrics and vocals, the storm of trenchant, energetic instrumentals, the concentrated, precisely placed rage, it’s exactly what hardcore punk needs.