Cadaver Em Transe - Cadaver Em Transe [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

Cadaver Em Transe

Cadaver Em Transe [7-inch] (2015)

Iron Lung Records

Cadaver Em Transe play post-punk dipped in a fresh coat of industrial sheen. Well, maybe sheen isn't the right word to use here. Smear seems way more appropriate. The music has a raw and broad echo like the aural equivalent of a corroded and unfinished building. It clangs like the sound of rusted rebar hitting solid concrete. The lyrics are delivered in a straightforward and utilitarian fashion, suffering no nonsense and skipping any pleasant affectations. This is music that can soundtrack a cityscape that's either been bombed out or forgotten. It blurs the line between the two.

Guitars screech, the bass mumbles and live drums mingle with pre-programmed machines. Synthesizer notes are a squealing, piercing presence rather than a soothing one. At the heart of it all are four musicians from Southeastern Brazil who welcome you to slowly crawl into the dreary municipality they create. Up until pulsing closer "Pulsão De Morte," the band makes a deliberate effort to keep things at an even keel, slowly building and fleshing out the world of their songs. This brings to mind The Cure's often overshadowed third album, Faith. Though, Cadaver Em Transe inject their leisurely dirges with a little more intensity. These songs rattle with a tight, nervous energy. The blown out "Vírus Tropical 15" is a great example of how to stretch an atmosphere without breaking it.

This EP operates in stabs and waves; opting for either a slow build or a dynamic and unpredictable push. It's a taut and solid set of tracks with rolling drums and angular melodies. Cadaver Em Transe is certainly indicative of whatever dark, metropolitan crater these guys crawled out of.

Check out the EP here.