New Found Glory/Finch/Something Corporate/Further Seems Forever - live in Chicago (Cover Artwork)

New Found Glory / Finch / Something Corporate / Further Seems Forever

live in Chicago (2002)

live show

I was actually really looking forward to this show. Even though the only band I had not seen live was Finch. I was looking forward to this show because first it was playing at my favorite venue (If you have never seen a concert at the House of Blues Chicago you don't know what your missing) and second because it had four great bands on the same bill. I arrived about a half-hour early and there was already a big crowd outside. Not to my surprise at all there were a lot of fourteen year old girls waiting no doubt to sing a long to "My friends over you" that they saw on MTV and heard on the radio. But I was still looking forward to a good show. As my friend and I went in I went over to the side of the venue where the bar was. I was right up close as the first band "further seems forever" began.

I had seen this band before at the Warped tour and was impressed and anxious to see how they would do here. The lead singer of this band had a lot of energy and worked the crowd a lot. He jumped in with the front part of the crowd and let some of the kids up front who knew the words to their songs to sing into the mic. And the drummer of Further seems Forever had what seemed like a really small drum set. But it was loud enough. All In all I say I really enjoyed Further Seems Forever's set.

Next up was Something Corporate. After a sort of long time of setting up S/C took the stage. They opened up with an energetic performance of "Hurricane". The crowd sung along with all of the songs during S/C's set. They also went nuts whenever the lead singer had a piano solo. During a point at the show the lead singer said "you know theres this thing at rock concerts called crowd surfing that people do so lets see some of it. At that point the whole place went nuts and almost everyone started to crowd surf. As S/C played their song "Punk Rock Princess" they made the whole place jump up and down during the chorus. There were so many people jumping the floor started to shake. As they ended with their single "If U C Jordan"-(Which I think is one of the weaker songs on their album) the crowd sang along to every word and the lead singer jumped on the piano and started banging on it. Overall Id say S/C put on a great set.

Next was Finch. A lot of people came there specifically to see them. To sum up their performance in one word I would say Intense. The lead singer sounded great vocally. So did the rest of the band they put on a great set and Id definitely go to see them again.

Next up was the headlining band New Found Glory. Now I know a lot of people hate NFG. But with NFG its you like them or you hate them. I personally like them. I first heard about them right before their self-titled album came out. Which I think was their best one. And I was hooked. I don't know what it was about them but there catchy fun and energetic. But as the band came on they played a great set. Playing songs from Sticks and Stones, self titled, and even a few off of Nothing Gold can Stay. Including 2's and 3's. They really work the crowd and are always in sync with each other. The crowd went nuts to them singing along with pretty much every song. (Although most of them stopped when they played songs off "Nothing Gold can Stay") The Band left the stage and said good night but everyone kept shouting "One more song One more song". They came back on and played "Boy Crazy" and finished up with "My friends over you " Overall NFG put on a great set of songs.

Overall I'd say this concert was up there as far as some of the best shows I have seen. Mainly because all four bands were great. Although it came far behind the best live band ever-(Greenday) it was an incredible show.