The Story So Far - The Story So Far (Cover Artwork)

The Story So Far

The Story So Far (2015)


If you’re familiar with The Story So Far, then what awaits you on their third, self-titled record will not surprise you in the slightest. The band rose to notoriety towards the end of the last decade, releasing a successful EP and splits with like-minded local bands, while groups like A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong were busy reminding audiences around the world that pop punk certainly wasn’t dead, and that hardcore kids hadn’t forgotten about Blink 182.

Releasing their début full-length record, Under Soil And Dirt, in 2011 to huge success, the band made a profound statement with their super catchy, yet blistering fast and at times heavy pop punk. However it was their follow up release two years later, What You Don’t See, which garnered the band critical acclaim, a rapturous following from the Warped Tour crowd and saw them touring internationally to headline over older and more established bands. The Story So Far delivers the next chapter in this story, and finds this not so young band completely on top of their game, with the familiar formula intact and some new influences to add to the mix.

Lyrically, the record touches on darker territory than previous efforts, with vocalist Parker Cannon going through a post-break up period, and making use of the band’s musical output as the perfect outlet for his own introspection, self-deprecation, soul searching and ultimately, forgiveness. From this, The Story So Far comes across as an incredibly honest and heartfelt record, which will be sure to resonate with current fans and newcomers alike.