Dead Ahead - Dead Ahead [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead [EP] (2015)

Panic State Records

Jesse Vadala (With The Punches) on lead vocals, Rob Kucharek ( Autopilot Off) on bass, Johnny Keane (Measured In Grey) on guitar and Dennis O’Brien on drums formed Newburgh's Dead Ahead in 2013 and it's great to see their EP come to fruition as one that definitely leaves its mark in the melodic punk genre. From the dearth of "whoa-ohs" on "Bezerker" to the frenzied rhythms and cutting riffs a la Banquets, there's a lot on offer which sadly is just limited to four songs. There are so many strong signs of promise and definitely, it leaves you craving a full-length.

Drawing influence from so many punk heavyweights, as well as incorporating elements of their previous bands, this EP's chock-full of  in-your-face hooks and a very direct approach to writing which grates with a strong sense of urgency. It really reminds me of the Banquets/NFAW split in 2013 which tracks like "Exit Letters" and "Cold Truth" bring to light. There's a lot of passion, honesty and words slamming against the jaded filters of life. These songs in particular create an environment of warmth amid frustration which really utilizes the individual past of each band member and gives a solid sonic punch. I really wished they put out more music because this split is a great snapshot of things to come. Overall, it accomplishes everything it set out to do and then some.