Alkaline Trio - Maybe I'll Catch Fire (Cover Artwork)

Alkaline Trio

Maybe I'll Catch Fire (2000)

Asian Man

If someone would sit down, having never listened to an Alkaline Trio album before, and listen to all four straight through, they would probably rank "Maybe I'll Catch Fire" at number four. At least that's how I felt. At first listen, it is the most inaccessible of Alk3's, but, like a lot of other great albums out there, the more you keep on listening to it, the more you like it. The album generally has a darker tone to it, especially compared to their first release, "Goddamnit." One thing I really like about "Maybe I'll Catch Fire" is that it doesn't really sound like any of the songs would fit in on "Goddamnit." Matt and Dan could have easily just written more songs in the same vain as the previous album, but they definitely went for a different feel.

1. Keep 'Em Coming: Opener to the album, very fast paced and upbeat song. Depending on my mood, this is the second best song on the album.

2. Madam Me: The darker tone of the album starts to come into play here. Definitely different from any Alk3 song at that time.

3. You've Got So Far To Go: Quite possibly the best song ever written by Dan Andriano for Alkaline Trio (I'm saying that because I'm just getting into Tuesday but I've only heard about 3 of their songs, so there might be a better one in there). It's a very mellow, laid back love song. Starts of with a cool bass line, incredible vocals, great lyrics. Another band ripped the bassline off, I won't mention any names though (Box Car Racer).

4. Fuck You Aurora: Like I said before, "Maybe I'll Catch Fire" has a very different feel from "Goddamnit," but this song is very similiar to San Francisco. There's a video of a concert over at of the first time they played this song and it's just amazing to see the crowd actually singing along to chorus at the end of the song even though it was the first time they heard it.

5. Sleepyhead: Another darker song, but still incredible. Don't have much to say except I love the line "Earth to Sleepy Smile."

6. Maybe I'll Catch Fire: Another Dan song. Title track to the album. I must say that songs 6 through 9 are probably the ones that need the couple listen throughs to really start to warm up to them.

7. Tuck Me In: "Tuck me into bed with snakes/ Tuck me in with the tarantulas/ I wanna let 'em in my mouth and down my throat to lay their eggs." Now you understand why I keep calling this dark compared to Goddamnit. Quite a change from "I wanna wake up naked next to you kissing the curve of your clavicle."

8. She Took Him to the Lake: Dan's third and last song on "Maybe I'll Catch Fire." Great stuff, not much else to say.

9. 5-3-10-4: One of the best parts about Alkaline Trio's songs is that the verses can be mellow in a way and slightly depressing sounding at times, but then the chorus just explodes in this upbeat rhythm. This is a good example here.

10. Radio: This song doesn't really need an explanation. This is probably the best song EVER written in the history of music. Just incredible, incredible stuff. If you are making a mix CD to give to a friend or just want to introduce Alk3 to someone, play this song and they will instantly fall in love with the band. I have to mention that I've seen them twice live so far, but I've yet to hear this played. Maybe next time.

So there it is, an incredible album. Another classic for the best record label out there (Asian Man). I'll have to say though, this isn't my favorite Alk3 album. My suggestion for people just getting into the band is to definitely get "Goddamnit" first, then get "Maybe I'll Catch Fire."