Modern Baseball - The Perfect Cast EP (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Modern Baseball

The Perfect Cast EP (2015)

Lame-O Records

The Perfect Cast drops as a surprise EP which proceeds to whet the appetite for Modern Baseball fans anticipating next year's Holy Ghost. As it stands, it serves its purpose, not just as a teaser but as a proper bridge of Sports and You're Gonna Miss It All. It's indie/emo with a sharp, melodic rock twist and deviates just enough to hype their buzz for 2016 just a bit more.

They jam a lot of their signature sound on this album, whose main themes are depression and relationships. Brendan Lukens and Jake Ewald up their guitar/vocalist roles and continue to show how their expression stands out amid so many other emo revivalists. As both members jam out hand in hand, everything here feels like a more personal touch. The opening "The Waterboy Returns" has a special treat for fans who enjoyed Cam Boucher's revelations of personal torment earlier this year on Sorority Noise's Joy Departed. It barrels nicely into the more jagged, rough-cut effort of "Infinity Exposed" which ironically is one of their most open and exposed tunes. The mid-tempo indie stock at play here really sees Modern Baseball feeling familiar yet existing with a greater sense of musical freedom. And awareness. 

"Thrash" is the most interesting song on tap though with the first half a la Annabel and The Hotelier (no surprise there) before switching to an emo-grunge signature that throws back to older music from bands like Citizen, Basement, Daylight and Balance and Composure. It's a great direction and one I hope they follow more of. They manage to incorporate so many styles into the record, including a strong mathy vibe on "...And Beyond" which leaves you wondering just how different their 2016 record will be. What this EP teases so far is more than promising. In fact, it's one of the best EPs this year. Modern Baseball will definitely be bringing the heat on their third full-length. I can't wait!