Breaking Pangaea/Ophelia and the Great Idea - live in Seattle (Cover Artwork)
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Breaking Pangaea / Ophelia and the Great Idea

live in Seattle (2002)

live show

"I'm much poorer, but super much happier" These were the words of Breaking Pangaea's front man, Fred Mascherino right before he began to play "Sick Day" the last song of their set Monday night at the Paradox Theater in Seattle. These words were will thoughts on giving up his day job and becoming a full time musician. And from the standpoint of and of the thirty-five people in the audience (and yes I did count) it was easy to see just how happy Breaking Pangaea was to play in front of such a small intimate crowd.

The show began with 30 Years Old, a local band from the Seattle area. They were a young three-piece band that enjoyed their time on stage. It was apparent this band is in the beginning stages of its career, however, it seems as though they may have a long future. Their sound had more of a harder edge, and vocals were more along the lines of screaming than singing, however, the guitar more than made up for the vocals. I was very impressed with the lead guitar, and felt it was the strongest point of the band. As for a record, I'm pretty sure the need a label first, but if you contact the band they can hook you up with their newest material after the second week of November.

Ophelia and the Great Idea took the stage next. This too was a three-piece band, from the east coast. Ophelia had a unique sound that reminded me of a softer Arab on Radar mixed with sounds similar to The Ghost. Their lyrics were more spoken than sang. And overall I was most impressed with the drummer. He was amazing. Their songs were very dynamic, and each stood out from one and other. They had a very chill mode on stage, and just had fun playing their instruments. I highly recommend checking them out.

And finally it was time for Breaking Pangaea. This was the first time I have seen them live, and I loved them. I came into the show with high expectations after stories I have heard of their live performances, and I was not let down. This three piece from Philly rocked the stage and the thirty-five person crowd. Unfortunately, I have not been listening to Breaking Pangaea for a very long time, so as far as a set list goes I will not be too much help. However Wedding Dress, Lullaby, and Sick Day were among three of my favorites preformed. Honestly, when I first arrived I felt pretty band for the band, seeing as they had such a small crowd, but it did not seem to faze him one bit. Actually, Fred made a point of saying this show was the warmest crowd they have had in Seattle. There were definitely a few big Breaking Pangaea fans rockin' out all night, which the band appreciated greatly. I think one of the main reasons I enjoyed them so much was because of the sincerity of the band. They were up on stage, playing music, and truly enjoying themselves, having a good time. Keep you eye out for their new e.p. coming out in February on Equal Vision Records.