You Blew It! - Pioneer Of Nothing [EP] (Cover Artwork)

You Blew It!

Pioneer Of Nothing [EP] (2015)

Jade Tree

You blew it! have unconditional love for late 90's emo (they even described their sound as 1999 on facebook) a time where emo actually was emotional! The EP's ten short minutes sounds like a love letter to the genre. The EP is very polished just as their sophomore record, Keep Doing What You're Doing. Which was fantastic, I personally prefer their first album "Grow Up, Dude" a little more due to its rough sound and recording.

This release picks up right where their last album left off with "Lanai" kicking things off with an intro sounding like it came off American Footballs -self titled lp. Going from soft beautiful melodies into distorted bridge. With its catchy hooks will keep you at full attention through out the first track.

"Bedside Manor" takes on the same style as the first track did. The song sounds like the end of a movie when the credits start rolling and the director put the saddest part of the movie at the end. Then bedside manor plays and makes you even more sad. With a break part at about 1:50 into the song sounds like something out of a Death Cab For Cutie song early 2000 era.

The EP ends with "Your Side" and kinda tones the EP down with clean guitars slowly building things up while singing -"I'm by your side tonight no matter how many times your convinced otherwise" in the now classic You Blew It! Style. You Blew It! Has found a sound they are comfortable with and are sticking with and fans of this band will find a spot in their vinyl collection to put this right next to their past releases. This release shows where the band is going an they sure are not slowing down.