Justin Pearson / Gabe Serbian - Incompresa Songs [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

Justin Pearson / Gabe Serbian

Incompresa Songs [7-inch] (2015)

Three one g records

Justin Pearson & Gabe Serbian have done a good amount of collaborating, most famously as members of The Locust. On this (very) short 7" EP, they throw out some songs they recorded for the film Incompresa (It's called Misunderstood here in the US). Whether these songs are actually in the film or just "inspired" by the film, I don't know. All I can say for sure is that anyone familiar with these two musicians will not mistake these songs to be the work of anyone else. In a little over two and half minutes, Justin Pearson & Gabe Serbian are able to cover these tracks with their own personal stamp.

"Attractive Mammals" sounds pretty similar to Justin's work with Retox, with it's beefy noise rock bass and whiplash momentum. The second track, "Old Age Lasts Too Long," is where things take a more interesting turn. The song opens with a deep "California Uber Alles"-esque drum rumble before gaining a synth like scrub brush noise metronome. That sentence may read like an indiscriminate word salad, but it makes much more sense after hearing the track. That's exactly Justin and Gabe's routine, though. They have an uncanny tendency to spurt out unusual noises or sonic nonsense while remaining well within the spazzy hardcore playbook.

It's nice hearing these two working together again, but for those of us that miss The Locust (or Head Wound City (or Holy Molar)), it barely quenches our thirst. It's a solid set of tracks, but it's way too short and leaves the listener wishing fo something more substantial.