The Naturalists - Home Honey, I'm Hi (Cover Artwork)
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The Naturalists

Home Honey, I'm Hi (2015)

Dadstache records

The Naturalists are crazy. Not only did they entitle their new EP, Home Honey, I’m Hi it also has some of the most eccentric songs. Each song has its own vibe soaring through the genre with a vast amount of influences to perfect The Naturalists sound.

Home Honey, I’m Hi maintains a consistent sound while still exploring its territory in indie rock. The album begins with a “Smell Like Teen Spirit” vibe but immediately brings it back into originality as the song “Slip” unfolds. The band’s zany indie sound ranges from a variety of influences and sounds a lot like 90s indie and alternative.

“Potions” starts out with an eerie riff that’s almost Dinosaur Jr. meets Nirvana the way the song plays out. The EP keeps the continuum of The Naturalists’ sound but it varies as the songs move into slower, atmospheric tracks like “What Puts You To Sleep.”

“Chronophobe” just might be the best song on Home Honey, I’m Hi as it has a melodic pop vibe that is complimented by shimmering guitar riffs and a rockin’ chorus.

The Naturalists really seem to pull it together on this EP. The songs are consistent yet vary in sound and the band is extremely tight when it comes to their songwriting abilities. Home Honey, I’m Hi is a wild ride of indie rock that has its ups and downs as it should. The Naturalists are the band that will make you tap your feet and also have you feeling melancholy all at the same time.