What Happens Next? - Standfast Armageddon Justice F (Cover Artwork)

What Happens Next?

Standfast Armageddon Justice F (2000)


This is their second CD of 2000, and to be honest, I can only ask for more!! WxHxN play ultra-fast political skate trash that is akin to 97a, the almighty Dead Nation and WxHxN's brethren on Sound Pollution. The new songs are just as full of hooks and nooks musically and in fact they sound better, faster and harder than their previous ones… those guys are showing definite improvement! Lyrically, there's tons of different subjects such as veganism in Japan, an interesting comparison between bands touring the globe and Columbus's "discovery" of America and of course being ‘edge. The only lyrics I disagree with are the ones from "The humour in blasphemy"… but that's just me. Apart from that, this record will definitely sit near the top of my top 10 list of records of the year! Note that this CD contains an entire CD-ROM live set! Although the sound quality is less than enticing, the visuals will way more than make up for it… crazy crazy crazy pit action, circle pits, sing alongs, stage dives and all that… you just HAVE to check it out!