Avail - Front Porch Stories (Cover Artwork)
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Front Porch Stories (2002)

Fat Wreck Chords

Like it or not, Avail is much better than most of your favorite bands. And they've been doing it a hell of a lot longer.

Avail's second Fat release, "Front Porch Stories", is an homage to Richmond, like most other Avail releases, and brings Avail back to their humble roots. Unlike the jerky feel of "One Wrench", Avail has gone back song structuring of such classics as "Satiate" and "Over the James", hardcore with southern flavor.

Immediately a new sense of progression can be seen in the band's songwriting with the introductory track "Black and Red". Timed a more traditional pace than your average Avail tune, the song combines terrific melodies with the classic Tim Barry lyrics.

Next follows "Blue Times Two". Smooth melodies and a hard-hitting chorus provide the construction for what could be the album's best track.

The album also comes back to Avail basics with a slew of slower tracks complimenting Tim's incredible range as a vocalist.

The high point of the album may be the combination of "Done Reckoning" and "East on Main" (which is rumored to be the first "single" as footage from and upcoming RVA Avail show will be used for the video). Both show the strengths of Avail in the highest form, powerful lyrics, and the tightness of a veteran band.

When you think of Avail, one doesn't generally get the idea of one person with some band members. You don't just see Tim, or Gwomper or even Beau, you just see Avail, which is pure cohesion. And "Front Porch Stories" just further proves that's exactly what Avail is musically, complete cohesion.