Puddle Splasher - Missed Connection [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Puddle Splasher

Missed Connection [EP] (2015)

Animal Style Records

New Jersey’s Puddle Splasher has a really great dynamic. The band has a knack for deep moody songs with amazing pop sensibilities that shine through on their newest EP, Missed Connection. Each song is filled with melody and hard hitting songs that are still sensibly soft. The songs have the drive of melodic punk bands, but blend that sound with an indie taste that ties in perfectly to the band’s sound.

By the time “Rotting Heart” starts with a bassline that is strong and prominent enough to pull listeners in immediately. The song starts the EP with a moody introduction of what’s to expect for the rest of the EP. While this moodiness is consistent with the record, it’s songs like “Forget My Name” that Puddle Splasher brings out their melodic and poppy roots that blend over somber lyrics. The song has a great sensibility to it and ties every elements of the band’s sound together with slower parts that mix with the faster melodic parts.

“Gentle Rain” follows the same format with crooning vocals that are reminiscent of the high pitched croons of fellow NJ pop punkers, Saves The Day. The song has a brilliant format where the drums really drive the strong home with yet another catchy bassline. The bridge of the song shows off the gloomier side of the band and expresses their older influences as the moodiness leads to shredding guitars. Each musician in Puddle Splasher truly puts in equal amounts of effort to really shape and morph their songs.

As soon as “Behind The Wheel” begins, the listener truly realizes that all of the band’s elements have come full circle and prove that the band has found and maintained their sound. The song is melodic yet brooding. It doesn’t necessarily make you want to dance, but more so soak it all in as the EP comes to a close.

Puddle Splasher has undoubtedly found their sound on their second EP, Missed Connections. If you’re looking for a band with the melodic sounds of new pop punk but still want the brood moodiness of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, look no further. These four songs are guaranteed to hit hard.