Asher - For Your Eyes (Cover Artwork)


For Your Eyes (2002)


Asher is a four-piece pop-punk/emo band out of Ithaca, NY. Their self-released debut EP "...for your eyes" was recorded at Cipher Studios and their single "Lost in Johnson City" was included on the recent Cipher Records comp.

"...for your eyes" is a decent debut for a newly-formed band. All of the guys were still freshman in college when this was released, and their sound is unpolished. However, they do exhibit serious potential. "Lost in Johnson City" is explosive and emotional, "Rally" is straight-up catchy pop-punk, and "Cannon" is an inspired burst of poetic lyrics and clever guitars. The three-part vocal layering at the end smacks of Midtown, but the band comes off sounding more like Saves The Day.

Vocalist John Brhel writes some insteresting lines, like "This summer will be so grand / we'll slide down on top of the piano again" and "She stuck crisp autumn leaves in my throat from college trees." However, they somehow work with Asher's crunchy guitars, clean lead riffs, and energetic drums. Their follow-up album should be something worth checking out.