Nobodys - Greatasstits (Cover Artwork)


Greatasstits (1998)


Ah, The Nobodys. To their fans, they're a perfect blend of Ramones-esque pop-punk and porn while, to their detractors, they're un-PC pieces of shit with no respect for anybody, anything and especially not your girlfriend (or your mom). But as JJ Nobody once so eloquently put it: "all these PC fuckers are taking the humanity of being human".

So that brings us to the record at hand. Released in 1998 on Hopeless Records (which has truly gone the way of Epitaph in recent years), Greatasstits was meant to collect all of their various 7"s, splits, demos, outtakes, and, of course, the almighty compilation contributions. And, like any self-respecting punk rockers, their were many. 52 to be exact. But, as we all know, quantity doesn't always mean quality. But this is punk rock, not fucking jack off prog, so actually it does. For me, the highlights include "Piece of Mind", "I Could Kiss Ya", "No Hit Wonder", "Up and Down", "Manny", "God Is Dead", "Stupid Humans" and "Perfect", but almost every song on here is a winner and nothing comes off as seriously bad...well, in context.

I feel I should also point out that every single song sounds exactly the same. That's no exaggeration. If you get a sense of deja vu during the duration of CD, I would not be surprised. Actually, aside from a few tracks here and there ("Coffee House Massacre", "Vaca in TJ"), every Nobodys song sounds the same. But that isn't a bad thing. In this forever changing world, it's nice to have a constant, even if it comes in the form of songs about fucking pornstars, your girlfriend, your mom and without making a commitment.

Throughout the five or so years that these tracks were recorded , there were a few lineup changes. JJ Nobody and Justin Disease were constants on bass and drums, respectively, while they both shared vocal duties. Actually, everyone sang in this band. That's true talent right there. On guitar there was Rodney Tusic, Francis Anthony Superstar and, finally, long-time member Randy The Kid.

Maybe I should of taken a cue from these guys and made this review short and sweet. Or short and rude. Just so, so rude.