Nurture - Posthumously [Digital single] (Cover Artwork)


Posthumously [Digital single] (2015)


Nurture is a hardcore band based out of Athens, Georgia. They first came on my radar when they appeared on a split with now defunct Atlanta Georgia hardcore cohorts Antpile. The 3 song collaboration, released in April 2014, feature “Mid-fall” and “Your Song” by Antpile and “I'll Bathe You in Jameson” by Nurture. Overall Nurture's effort on this release was underwhelming, the recording quality was less than ideal and the song writing full of ideas but fragmented. That being said I was titillated enough to keep an eye on them.

Last year, Sasha Schilbrack-Cole (Drums), Terence Chiyezhan (Guitar) and Dionnet Bhatti (Bass and Vocals) released Nurture’s latest effort. Their two track digital release featuring songs “Posthumously” and “Pick Your Pocket” is their best effort today. Nurture is a noisy chaotic band in the vein of 108, Sparkmarker and 400 Hundred Years. Their sound is dynamic, one second its guitar laced uproar that sounds like a brawl outside your window and on a turn of a dime they will bring down the volume to a whisper. I can’t determine if I like this release but I’m intrigued to see where these guys take their sound.

It’s not the most original sound they are trying to harness but with each release their song writing is getting more interesting and their implementation of the songs more precise. I’m interested to see where they go and what chances they will take on their next release.