Cayetana - Tired Eyes [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)


Tired Eyes [7-inch] (2016)

Asian Man Records

If Nervous Like Me won you over with it's hyper, sugar addled melodic syrup, then Tired Eyes will hold you over with its concentrated, melancholic molasses. Slowing things down considerably, the A-side track, "Freedom1313" has a deliberately slow pace ably supported by rumbling drums, a solid bass line and a catchy chorus. While the title of the EP is repeated numerous times, the meaning of "Freedom1313" is fairly elusive. Is it a reference to Cabin 1313 on Royal Caribbean cruise ship Freedom of the Seas? Doubtful. But if the track does signify the quality of songwriting found on Cayetana's next album, then it's good news all around.

The B-Side is a cover of "Age of Consent," a cover of New Order. There's not much to say about the cover other than that it's perfectly fine. An a-ok reproduction of the original that doesn't really do anything too new with the material. Even though the song is still appealing in this form, I doubt it has the same amount of replay value as the A-side.