Sundressed - The Same Condition (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


The Same Condition (2015)

Take This To Heart

Sundressed have always been an under-the-radar band I've been keeping eyes on. They're known in small circles for  personal, edgy pop-punk with an indie twist and The Same Condition is a four-track EP that offers deep insight into what they're capable of. As the opener "Good As You" unravels, it draws strong comparison to Taking Back Sunday's "Sad Saviour" which is more than enough to lure you in for a couple listens and give a sneak into their infectious, singalong flow.

It's mostly an album about vulnerability and sacrifice, seen on "Beck and Call" which pays tribute to bands like Yellowcard. It's a short, concise spark but one that really plays their strengths off each other. The sentimental slow-burner on "Every Part Is Moving" highlights how well they bundle together catchy hooks and crafty riffs, harkening to other pop-punk acts like The Story So Far, Handguns and Stickup Kid. These songs are definitely inviting you to check out the rest of their discography and offer great promise in terms of the full-length I hope they're planning. I hope they rough it a bit more and lose some of the poppier side of things, but so good.