This Legend - In the Streets (Cover Artwork)

This Legend

In the Streets (2014)

Cyber Tracks

This Legend is Chris Castillo (Vocals/Guitars), Ben Harper (Lead Guitar), Steven Neufeld (Bass/Vocals) and Longineau Parsons III, aka LP (Drums). I got to see this band play live, last November, when they opened for Lagwagon on their North American Tour. Not knowing any of their music, I took in their performance with no preconceived notions or punk chauvinism.

The four piece laid down an imperious performance. Harper willfully jumping around while Castillo and Neufeld sang their descants seamlessly. LP, on the drums, is simply a beast. Not to take away from his band mates his performance stood out for the whole night.

Alright boys, I feel what you’re throwing down but how’s the album?

In The Streets is the band’s first release on Cyber Tracks, a label owned by NOFX’s El Hefe and his wife Jen Abeyta. Twelve songs, 37 minutes of high energy pop punk that does represent the band justly. The album discerningly showcases LP’s drumming prowess while not overtly relying on it as a gimmick. Appropriately polished, In the Streets attests that Castillo is a talented mofo with good pipes. Songs “Holiday from Crazy” and “Life Pushes Hard” clearly demonstrate that the lads know how to write catchy radio friendly ditties. That being said, I more enjoyed the performances captured on “Regrets” with its Hey Mercedes-like guitar play and the ending track “Josh Lights a Fire.” These tracks display the bands musicianship and give a listener a hint of what makes their live show worth experiencing.

This Legend’s live show is where this band aptly shines although if you’re busy lives deprive you from enjoying sound waves check out In the Streets.