Paramore - Paramore (Cover Artwork)


Paramore (2013)

Fueled By Ramen

Paramore's self titled album serves as a celebration. Ten years of the band being together, and four albums later, Paramore (the album) earned the band the credit it had always deserved.

Paramore won their first Grammy for the song "Ain't It Fun" off of the record released back in 2013. This song was number one on airwaves and ITunes and everywhere in between, right along side the album's other hit single "Still Into You". Almost mimicking the behavior of the band, Fall Out Boy, Paramore had also grown to accustom a much more modern, poppy sound. The lyrics, however, are from from the typical top 40's. The band managed to pile the same punky attitude and empowering tone into a poppy sound in a way that not every band could take as a claim to fame.

Personally, it took me a few listens to fall in love with this album. It came out at a time where pop punk was still pop punk, and this new wave change was unheard of and just beginning to bloom. If you can dig pop, or something that makes you happy rather than angry, than this album will meld quickly into your playlist. However, for some people, the poppy change was too much to get passed. As I said, it took me a while to get into it, but I am so glad that I did.

In the end, the album is a roller coaster of human emotion, beautifully paired with uplifting music and just the right amount of editing. The trio has managed to carefully stack genres within genres more gracefully than any band has yet to do. Making the album self titled was a brilliant choice on their part, because the entire album is authentic, uncensored, fun, and profound, all of which finally helps the world to better see the young band's true, talented colors.