Xetas - The Redeemer (Cover Artwork)


The Redeemer (2015)


Xetas are a raucous, noisy punk rock n roll outfit from Austin, TX. On their debut LP, The Redeemer, Xetas take huge distorted guitar, angular riffs, and a whole lot of energy and turn out thirty minutes of excellent, urgent music. There are standout punk tracks, some real heavy hardcore riffs, anthemic shouted choruses, and catchy hooks throughout.

While there’s nearly as much garagey reverb rock in Austin as there are skinny jeans and tacos. Xetas, on local 12XU records, cut straight through the bullshit. If you aren’t familiar with 12XU, take a minute to check out their discography. Fans of Portland’s Dirtnap Records will find plenty to like about 12XU.

Xetas more or less fit into the garage punk scene, but there’s more energy and urgency that fans of Drive Like Jehu, Cloak/Dagger, and White Lung will appreciate. Nonetheless, Xetas are their own band. A great starting place (other than the beginning, obviously) would be standout tracks "The Ashes" and "The King", which are more straightforward, uptempo punk rock with dual vocals that really work. "The Tether" is a little more mid-tempo, but deliberate and very disorienting in a great way. "The Line" has one of the standout moments on the album with a soaring chorus that'll stick in your head. And then the album ends with a pummeling five minute hardcore track that is as heavy and pissed off as anything on the album. 

Xetas have a lot going for them, and for a first LP, The Redeemer is a pretty great start.