Rome Hero Foxes - For When You’re Falling Backwards (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Rome Hero Foxes

For When You’re Falling Backwards (2016)


Rome Hero Foxes are a time machine, taking you back to days when all you wanted to take in were Circa Surive or Saosin. Several musical influences pop up on For When You’re Falling Backwards, but you can also see the potential they have to take things forward. Vocalist, CJ Burton, definitely feels like a new-age Anthony Green or an in-form Cove Reber but what sets the band apart is their intricate musicianship and how contemporary they feel while still keeping a blast of indie close to their chest.

The guitars are reminiscent of bands like Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like Birds, which is why the latter's vocalist signed them to this label I figure. It's an uncanny sound of solo flexing over solo in a calming melodic fashion - very post-rock and very ambient. "A Note For My Departure" is a prime example of this with songs like "Falling Out" and "Hunters" drawing the Saosin comparisons. Clean vocals, slick musicianship. Things do wander a bit, but nicely so, on tracks like "The Great Hall" with an alt. rock edge that bands like Citizen and Turnover pulled off in their early days. RHF are a work in progress but in these 11 tracks, there's a nice pop sensibility to their progressive style of post-hardcore that should be even better once fleshed out under more experience.