Thursday / onelinedrawing / From Autumn To Ashes / Planes Mistaken For Stars - live in Milwaukee (Cover Artwork)

Thursday / onelinedrawing / From Autumn To Ashes / Planes Mistaken For Stars

live in Milwaukee (2002)

live show

I went to this show most anxious to see Planes Mistaken for Stars. I have all of their releases and think they deserve more credit than they've received so far. When we got to the show, my friend Simon and I immediately approached the merch booth and talked to Planes. They were great guys. I think they were surprised anyone knew what they looked like and had seen em and shit. Word.

Planes took the stage and tore it apart. They rocked all the badass songs from their albums, including "Bastards," a song from the new ep. Totally killer. It was cool being able to see their drummer this time around.

From Autumn to Ashes came on, and we watched a song, and decided they sucked. We decided to go smoke weed with Planes, so we went backstage with em. Seriously, I thought they were satanic and all this, but they are great guys. We got so high, it was a blast. The rest of FATA's set sucked. Their drummer sang some songs, but he had a fucking horrible voice. I can't bellieve people are so into this band. I guess it's their emo bandname that fits in so well these days. Pussies. Fuck you all.

Next was onelinedrawing, aka a good Chris Carraba with an electric guitar and an R2D2 that played taped beats. This guy was badass and looks like Ben Stiller. Great voice, great set.

Thursday took stage and of course the place went nuts immediately. All the while, I was thinking, these people should have been doing this for Planes. Anyways. Thursday rocked it as usual. I've seen em six times now, and it was a little disappointig that in the past year and a half, they've added one song to their repetoire. Steve had a Cursive shirt on, though. That was cool.

That was my show experience. Pretty fun, and a LOT of hot girls.