The Casualties - Chaos Sound (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

The Casualties

Chaos Sound (2016)

Season of Mist

Chaos Sound is that shot of punk rock you needed in the new year to make sure your tone's set just right for the rest of the year. It follows the tried and tested formula The Casualties have employed for years but this time around, there's more energy and something a bit rawer in the way they shoot their style of punk and hardcore at you. In short, it's not something you wanna dodge. You wanna crash into this. Head-fucking-first. Not their best but definitely an essential that's right up there.

From the self-titled to "Visions of Greed" and the more melodic "Running Through The Night", they continue to charm fans who think the days of NOFX, Pennywise, Anti-Flag and Bad Religion are dead. Angry? Incessant riffs and major hooks? Thumping basslines? That NYC vagabond attitude when screaming "Whoa-ohhhhh" and "Oi! Oi!"? All that's mixed in for you. Musically, it's definitely pretty on point and direction-wise, it feels so true to the old punk regime yet for some reason, you can feel the contemporary blood in it. Makes sense that bands like After The Fall and Youth Decay to name a few model themselves after this. It's 15 tracks but not too long so it's one of those listens that isn't daunting at all. The life it breathes into you, anarchy and all, is something you'll appreciate. Personal, political (see "Bomb Blast" which points to the impending WW3) and brutally honest. Made for the pit. Especially their cover of Motorhead's "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." -- which shows that not only are they loyal to fans but to peers, comrades and influences.  One of 2016's definitive punk records, right here. Frantic and explosive, just the way we like our punk. Too many tracks to detail and a lot to highlight. It's definitely one of those albums you'll listen front to back without skipping anything. Fucking solid stuff.