Badparker - Demo 2014 (Cover Artwork)


Demo 2014 (2014)


Badparker is a three piece indie punk band from Tampa, Florida. All three members previously made up The TroTs!, but they quit that band to start something bigger and better. While this release is called Demo 2014, it doesn't seem like a demo at all. The lo-fi production fits the band perfectly. These guys have matured greatly since their old band, The TroTs!, but still show signs of the sarcasm and humor that their old band had.

Things start off with one of the best openers I've heard in a long time. "Samsonite", which may or may not have anything to do with the brand, really defines this demo. Singer Cameron Grant shouts "This year was worst than last year", and pretty much explains why it was so bad in a mysteriously straight forward way. Something about the honesty and fierce output in this song makes it a classic track. A perfect opener that really gets you ready for the other 3 songs. "Sadie" follows next, and is actually insanely true. So many bands have wrote a song about a Sadie, and maybe you shouldn't trust someone named Sadie anymore...The song gets really intense in the middle, then calms down in an indie/emo way.

Cameron's vocals really shine on this song, and really make a sarcastic song rather emotional and intense. Steve's drumming is sloppily original, and really adds to the whole performance of this demo. It's almost as if these three were meant to play together. "Put Your Cap Guns Away" is probably the most upbeat power punk song on this. This song is pure fun, and it's still emotional, so it works really well. The best part is the ending though, where it really slows down and Cameron sings mysteriously dark lyrics in a haunting way. Something about it always makes me wonder what that line is about. The demo ends with the best track on it. "Unlucky Numbers" is a cleverly titled dramatic ending to the demo. The lyrics seem to be really personal, and that just adds to the whole band's emotional performance. This song gets me every time, making it my favorite on this. Overall, this demo EP is perfect.

All 4 songs are filled with emotion and straight up rock power. It's the perfect thing to put on at any time. I've said emotion so much, but you have to hear it to understand. A truly amazing start to Badparker's career.