Dolour/Plain White T's/Serene - live in Seattle (Cover Artwork)
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Dolour / Plain White T's / Serene

live in Seattle (2002)

live show

Just this fall I moved to Seattle from my home in Chicago to begin school at UW. When I heard the Plain White T's were going to play a show here I had to go, if not to see a great show, then to be reminded of home (I used to see the T's all the time in the Chicago area). I am so glad I went to the show, not just because I saw and awesome set by the T's, but because I was introduced to two great bands, Serene and Dolour. Dolour was amazing and if you are looking for some new music, I would give them one of my highest recommendations.

The show began with Serene, a three piece emo band from Grove City PA. Their sound was a lot slower than I expected. They actually reminded me a little of the slower tracks on Jimmy Eat World's Clarity, especially Good-bye Sky Harbor. There sound was pure, and well put together. But after a while I think I was ready for a tempo change. But after reading some other reviews of their self titled cd which came out in July of this year on Arena Rock records, it seems like their music is pretty deep and needs a few listens before you really begin to understand the meaning. If you are a fan of slower emo I would check these guys out.

Then the main attraction for me came on, The Plain White T's. The T's are a four-piece band from the Chicago area who recently signed with Fearless records. They are currently touring the US in promotion of their latest album "Stop". The T's rocked the stage opening with Stop, followed by Please Don't Do This. Due to the fact I was enjoying the music a little too much, I was not able to write down their set in the exact order, but it also included What If, Shine, Happy Someday, All Your Fault, a new song, and ending with Penny. Whenever the Plain White T's perform I am always so entertained. They have more than mastered their stage presence, and never seem to tire. Seeing them again reminded me of home, but make me really homesick to the music scene in the Chicago area. Sometimes I can get selfish with my music, and not want some of the smaller bands to take off and make it big and begin selling out huge venues, but I think the Plain White T's deserve it as much as anyone else. It is easy to see how hard they have worked and how much their music means to them. If you are into up-tempo pop punk music, you do not want to miss this band. Their album is great, and their live shows are even better.

And finally it was time for Dolour. Before the show I had only head one song from Dolour, Ménage A Trois, which I downloaded for their website. At a first listen I was pretty excited, and when the opened with it, I was sold. Dolour is a Seattle band headed by Shane Tutmarc. They have a unique sound, which reminded me of a blend of Ben Kweller and Weezer. The use of the keyboard and trumpet was a nice change for the evening. Dolour just released their newest album Suburbiac, on Fugitive Records, on October 29. You can order it online but may have a hard time finding it in you local music store unless you live in the Seattle area. I purchased this cd at the show, and it has spent a large amount of time in my stereo, I suggest checking it out.

Overall it was a pretty good night. Like I said, I got to see one of my local bands begin to make it big, and was introduced to Serene and Dolour, two bands I am eager to hear more from.