Pezz - Warmth And Sincerity (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Warmth And Sincerity (1999)


This album is proof that Memphis, TN is home to more musical talent than just Elvis. This quartet from the aforementioned city has been around since the mid ninties, and after a 2 year hiatus, they put out another album jam packed with enough punk to make your feet tap and your head bob up and down. Pezz has a bit of Jawbreaker in them, especially in the vocals. They're not too distant, but they're not being put over the music. If you really want to know exactly what he's saying, you have to read the liner notes, which is no problem with me, since I'm sure that is more accurate than my slowly deterioriating hearing. The music is mostly straightforward punk, there's no weird time/tempo changes or messed up key changes. I know some people will say that there's nothing special about this band, that they're just another Jawbreaker clone, and that there's no reason to hear them. I heartily disagree. It's been a long time since I've heard a good, solid, no-fringes plain old PUNK album, with no special gimmicks. If you long for one CD to give you a half hour of freedom through rock that you normally didn't have, Pezz is your answer.
[taken from A different kind of greatness webzine]