The Pattern/Har Mar Superstar/The Agenda! - live in San Francisco (Cover Artwork)

The Pattern / Har Mar Superstar / The Agenda!

live in San Francisco (2002)

live show

I got to the show right when the show was supposed to start and about 50 minutes later they finally opened the doors to the stage part of the club. Cafe du Nord has a bar/restaurant area and then there's another area where the stage is at. Anyways, the show finally starts up at about 10pm or so.

The Agenda opened up, they're from Athens, Georgia and on Kindercore Records. All of the members except the singer wore black clothes with armbands on. They did a pretty good job getting everyone into them. The singer jumped around on the bass drum and came out in to the crowd to get everyone going. They've been described at party punk to dance to, and I'd definitely agree with that, catchy lyrics and a fun time from them.

Up next was the almighty Har Mar Superstar. The last time I saw him was when he was on tour with Atom and His Package in Davenport, Iowa. Har Mar came out with a red robe on and got the crowd dancing. He's added a couple more dance moves to his arsenal and he took off his robe and under neath he had a white suit with spraypaint on his ass that said HAR MAR, imagine each word on each cheek. Some of the songs from his set were "Brand New Day", "Cry 4 Help", "EZ Pass", "No Chorus", and the single that he said is on the new album "Power Lunch". He also did a cover song by Stevie Wonder called "Sir Duke" and it sounded fantastic. All the while, after each song he would take off a piece of clothing and by his final song he got down to his Paul Frank underwear, he said that he gets it for free. Once he got down to the underwear, he walked out in to the crowd and came back with a couple dollar bills in the underwear. He finished off his set and told everyone to buy his mother fuckin record like they should.

The local boys were up last, The Pattern from right across the bay in Oakland, CA. This was their 200th show and the last night of their tour with Har Mar Superstar and were over at a wedding earlier that day. These guys have been getting quite the buzz around here from being on the major radio station Live 105 to playing free in store show in Berkeley. This band is straight up rock and roll and had the stage presence to back up their sound. The singer, Chris who is part owner of Lookout Records had some great moves, tossing around the mic stand and I'm sure he made the ladies in aww of him. Some of the songs on their set were "She's a Libra", "Selling Submarines", "Mary's Sister", and their radio hit "Fragile Awareness". During the set the singer said that most big cities, the crowds don't participate very much but tonight the crowd was great. During pretty much most of their set a lot of the people were dancing and having a great time. They finished their set and got a great ovation.