Brian Fallon - A Wonderful Life [Digital Single] (Cover Artwork)

Brian Fallon

A Wonderful Life [Digital Single] (2016)

Island Records

Brian Fallon’s first solo album, Painkillers will be released in early March. The first single off the new record, "A Wonderful Life" was released in early December, a nice early Christmas present for those looking forward to the release. The single at first listen sounds like a The Gaslight Anthem song through and through. As the first verse is vintage Fallon, “Most of this life's been a drag of a high/And lows like a blow in a paid thrown title fight/Most of my sins were born in a kiss on a night like this.” The song is full of classic Brian Fallon references to old time picture shows and heavy chains on our souls. The chorus has a simple message that everybody should be able to relate to, “I want a life on fire, going mad with desire/I don't wanna survive, I want a wonderful life.”

The release is Fallon doing what Fallon best and he stays true to what he's done with his previous work. Since the release of A Wonderful Life Fallon has released two more singles, "Smoke", and "Nobody Wins." Both of which any TGA fan will fall in love with. Brian Fallon’s ability to write an emotionally charged song is well known, that’s what makes him (and Gaslight) so good. The countdown to the release is on.