The Smith Street Band - I Scare Myself Sometimes [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

The Smith Street Band

I Scare Myself Sometimes [7-inch] (2015)


The two song 7-inch has been a staple release of the punk community for decades, more often than not taking the form of two sided 7inch vinyl (in my case, purple/royal blue vinyl). Lately though, I’ve found that 7’inch records usually fall into one of two camps: crucial and memorable releases by a band, often recorded and put out on the quick side, or the complete opposite, an album track already available packaged with a largely forgettable B-Side that wasn’t good enough for the full length the A-Side is on. The latest quick hit from Melbourne’s Smith Street Band falls somewhere in the middle of the two.

The title track representing the instant classic portion of the package, “I Scare Myself Sometimes” is a rare duet in the band’s catalogue and plays out much like a three act play in hyper-condensed form. Act 1 is somber, with subdued guitars overtaken by the powerful and haunting verse by guest vocalist Lucy Wilson (The Sugarcanes). She is joined by frontman Wil Wagner shortly thereafter, kicking off an Act 2 filled with building intensity and dueling vocals. The rest of the band joins for Act 3 as the song builds towards it conclusion both sonically and lyrically before ending in a quiet deconstruction and gorgeous final note.

The B-Side on this release, “God in the Name of the Father,” makes its worldwide debut after its initial appearance on the Wipe That Shit Eating Grin Off Your Punchable Face Australia-only release. While a solid track, with hummable hooks and a danceable refrain, I find that no matter how many times I listen to it that it almost always leaves my mind as soon as it leaves my ears. That’s not much of an indictment as much as it is a reflection on Track A. When played back to back (as intended), Track B definitely gets lost. Still, a solid burst of the straight ahead melodi-punk (I.E. Polar Bear Club and The Flatliners) that we’ve come to expect from everyone’s current favorite Aussie collective.