Slaves - Are You Satisfied? (Cover Artwork)


Are You Satisfied? (2015)


I'd describe slaves as Early Godfathers arrogance, Therapy?'s guitar riffs held down, and fed enough Benzedrine to make a Shetland pony competitive in the Kentucky Derby, spat out by one of your better class of Guy Ritchie cockney club-kid characters. All of this over a surprisingly small drum kit,that is having every single ounce wrung out of it.

Are You Satisfied starts on the right foot - the first track is a doozy. The sexy yet dirty and nasty “The Hunter,” repeats over and over “YOU KEEP IT,WE DON'T WANT IT!” and “It is reckless and pointless,but it's all so very fun”. Not a bad way to kick it off. Then you're on to the snotty and loping “Cheer Up London” with its mockery of every day life.At that point your just socked in and going for the ride. And it is bumpy and surprisingly brutal considering some people thought these guys were marketable enough to sign em to Virgin.

I had a funny thought this record is much closer to what I expected when I first read a review of The Jesus And Mary Chain, who were billed as “the next Sex Pistols” and “pop music laden with razor blades”, then the Jesus And Mary Chain themselves ever came. THEY were more of a trippy hippy Goth band then anything remotely punk. This, on the other hand, might actually fit those reviews.