Evacuate - Blood Money (Cover Artwork)


Blood Money (2016)

Evacuate Records

Evacuate is a hardcore punk band based out of Los Angeles CA. It's Mike Virus's follow up band to legendary punk act, Cheap Sex. Blood Money is their latest release to date.

This is a straight-up hardcore assault. Transitioning from an instrumental intro into a hard hitting tune called "Victims." There is an enraged/angry vibe throughout this album. This isn't really a surprise when you look at the lyrics. Songs like "Victims" (about police brutality) and the title track, "Blood Money," dealing with our flawed health care system. Mike Virus is clearly a socially aware person who is fed up with the current state of affairs.

Besides lyrical content, the music is very driving. The drums are hard hitting and guitars are solid and full. When some of these songs kick in, it's like a brick wall smashing you in the face. However, there are some unexpected avenues explored on this release. In "Blue Line", there is cool reggae break towards the end of the song. It blends well and flawlessly transitions back into fast hardcore.

There are also anthem songs here too. "Rage" has a big chorus hook that I'm sure goes over well when this song is played live. Classic sing along stuff.

A few songs in and it's easy to see that they are going for a classic stripped down approach; cut the fat, play fast, heavy, and to the point. Some songs do have a little more going on, a little lengthy, but in general it's pretty straight forward. This album really does rip through all the way to the end. Any fans of the band (or fans of Cheap Sex and The Virus) will not be disappointed!