Lewis - Even So (Cover Artwork)
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Even So (2002)

Deep Elm

I'm really running out of things to say about Deep Elm CDs nowadays. It's not that they're all identical in style - far from it. It's not that they all just plain suck - no chance. It's just that they're all on par with each other, and each band seems to be making great music. Lewis isn't much different.

Lewis, from Dallas, TX [the third band on Deep Elm with that distinction] spins a web of intricate indie rock with electronic flourishes that might warrant a comparison to Radiohead, if Radiohead went a bit more "emo" on us. The album's 10 tracks slide by the listener in a little over 45 minutes, and you really do wonder where the time went - sadly, it's because most of the songs really tend to blend together.

The band's musicianship is great, though - I could listen to the guitarists in this band go back and forth for hours. The problem is, all the band members seem kind of stuck in their ways. The idea of "well, it worked for the last song, let's try it for this song!" seems to be pretty prevelant here.

This CD definitely is easy to swallow, however. I leave a lot of my CDs on repeat all day long on my family's computer when I am home for school breaks [such as I am now]. Most get turned off as soon as my mom, dad, or sister come downstairs to use the computer. Amazingly, this CD stayed in as my sister checked her email, my mom designed a flier, and my dad did his accounting - I was shocked each time someone would leave the room and the music was still eminating, at a rather high volume, too. So if anything, this is a CD that honestly could appeal to anyone who has open ears.

My biggest complaint is that once you put the CD away, it's damn near impossible to remember anything *from* the CD. Once you put it on again, all the musical memories come flooding back to you, but it's like amnesia once you take it out.

Deep Elm has been on fire this year, with new releases from Camber, Red Animal War, David Singer, and many more all being at the top of their game. Had this been any other year for the label, I probably would've praised Lewis more, but as it stands they definitely fall to the Deep Elm B Team in my eyes. Still worth a listen, though.

Returning To The Scene Of The Crime [clip]
The Path That Strays [clip]
Feet On The Ground [clip]
Even So... [clip]