Dillinger Four / The Arrivals / Boris The Sprinkler / Trial By Fire - live in Chicago (Cover Artwork)

Dillinger Four / The Arrivals / Boris The Sprinkler / Trial By Fire

live in Chicago (2002)

live show

My friend and I had bought our Dillinger Four tickets weeks in advance, because we feared it would sellout. This was not the case at all. November 16th, a saturday, was the day of the show. After getting off of work, I took a quick shower, stuffed down some Chinese Rice, picked up my friend, and then was driven to the Metro, in Chicago.

We had time to kill, seeing as how the show was to start in an hour and half, so we spent some time at this cool little hotdog place across from the Metro. Then we got in line, talked to some homeless people, and finally were let in.

The first up was Trial By Fire. I think these guys are on Jade Tree Records. They were really good and the lead singer, had this awesome straight-edge jacket. It really wasn't my style of music, but for an opening band they got a big response. They have a raw hard sound, with a lot of yelling vocals, and hardcore music.

After inhailing a lot of smoke from the room, I went downstairs to the merchandise room to buy a Dillinger Four t-shirt. They had 3 t-shirts. One with a gun on it, one that said "maximum piss and vinegar" (blah), and another one that just sucked". I was truly dissapointed.

I go back to my friend, and we are both talking about the next big show in Chicago. I don't think is any real good band coming back soon, but I am sure the Lawrence Arms will be back to take back their Chicago throne. He wants to see Taking Back Sunday, but I don't like their music at all.

Anyway, so the next band up was Boris the Sprinkler. The lights dimmed, and a guy in a long white wig, and purple suit, with a purple stove hat on came out. Obviously the lead singer. They started to play, and then rolls of toliet paper were thrown out to the crowd. The drummer from Dillinger Four threw them to the balcony and to the crowd in general. This band was sort of a joke band, like the Vandals or Guttermouth. I thought they were funny, especially when they played this song "Gas Chamber". I talked to the guitar player later that night, and he was a nice guy. He said, "We're the type of band that should have broken up long ago, but never did". Fun act from Wisconsin, but I don't think I would go to just see them.

By now the crowd had grown to a large size. It was amazing how much of a support of Chicago bands there were. Many Lawrence Arms shirts, including myself, a few Rise Against t-shirts, and I really didn't see too many Alkaline Trio t-shirts.

Then the Arrivals had taken the stage. This is the 2nd time I would see them (check out my Lawrence Arms/Small Brown Bike review, for that review). They were really good. The crowd really got into them, especially this huge animal guy with a Flogging Molly t-shirt. Needless to say, their fast Chicago music went well with the crowd. Just some good old punk music. Some might call it ordinary, but everyone was enjoying themselves, so it was good.

15 minutes and a bottle of water later, Dillinger Four hit the stage. They opened it up with "Super Powers Enable Me to Blend in with Machinery". It was a huge opener, and the crowd was just throwing bodies left and right into each other. Then of course their big song from Situtationist Comedy "Noble Stabbings". Oh yeah, it just got better from there. I don't know a lot of songs from Dillinger Four that aren't on "Midwestern Songs" or "Situtationist", but they played a lot from the two cds I own. I really liked how the band talked in between songs. They talked about how Good Charlotte was stupid for needing makeup to look sad. They also joked of how they had toured with Avril Lavigne. Paddy said something along the lines of "Yeah, she told us we needed more songs about the class struggle." That guy is hilarious. The climax of the show was when they played "Mosh for Jesus".

It was a pretty good show all in all. I wasn't a huge fan of the opening acts, but it was all worth 13 bucks. I am glad to have seen Dillinger Four, because I am a huge fan of them and the Lawrence Arms. Oh by the way, I didn't go home shirtless. I went to this little punk rock store next store, and bought a Hot Water Music t-shirt.