Angel Du$t - Rock The Fuck On Forever (Cover Artwork)
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Angel Du$t

Rock The Fuck On Forever (2016)

Popwig Records

Rock The Fuck On Forever finds Angel Du$t at their most melodic and most punk. The album title is not only a slogan, but also a command to live by whilst listening to the album. Produced by Will Yip, (and also peculiarly listed as a member) the band’s sound is definitely evolved and more influenced by the likes of more punkish bands. There are still songs that are in the same vein of the band’s previous releases, but the variety adds depth to the band. The Result is Angel Du$t’s incredibly progressive second album.

The album kicks in almost immediately with “Toxic Boombox,” a return to form Angel Du$t song with extreme energy. The album maintains this energy throughout just in different ways. “Upside Down” is the first time we get a good look into the band’s more punk influence. The song is reminiscent of 90s melodic punk like All and Descendents. The sound is a great mix into the blend of hardcore throughout the record. Songs like “Bad Thing” and “Twist n Shout” are also extremely similar into the slower stuff, something fairly new to the band’s catalog, still fitting perfectly into the flow of the record.

There are also the classic Angel Du$t songs like “Stay,” “Headstone,” and “Somebody Else” showing that the band haven’t trailed far from their roots, they’re more so exploring their territory with a deeper variety. The 13 song record bounces around from melodic song to punk song without a hitch, maintaining its overall core and keeping it fresh.

Rock The Fuck On Forever is definitely another score for Angel Du$t and their discography. The band’s impressive lineup has always had a knack of creating unique hardcore punk and this album is no exception to that. While the album clocks in at just around 21 minutes, it feels so much longer as its full with fast riffs and melodic songs. This is definitely a hardcore punk album to bring in for summer and to Rock the fuck on forever. The album’s final song, “Stranger Things,” even has a saxophone solo, what more do you need?