The Explosion/Madcap/The Curse - live in New York City (Cover Artwork)

The Explosion / Madcap / The Curse

live in New York City (2002)

live show

This show was headlined by One Man Army, but i didn't stay for them because i don't really like them and neither did anyone i was with. When I got there NY Relix were playing. They came off sort of annoying and they played for a really long time.

The Curse, from philadelphia, were up next. This was my 2nd time seeing them and they were even better than last time. They seemed so sincere and real and had so much energy at the same time. If you like bands like avail, kid dynamite, or the bouncing souls, then i suggest you check these guys out .I picked up their new ep, which i'm listening to as i write this review, it's awesome and out january 14th on hellbent records. You can also hear them on The Philadelphia Sound 4-way split with Paint It Black, Go For The Throat, and Knives Out on Chunksaah Records. Their website is

Next up was Madcap, from california. They played midpaced punk with alot of anthem type singalongs. They had alot of energy and the crowd was singing along to all the songs. All in all, Madcap played a solid set, and to me they are a good solid band. Check them out at

And then, The Explosion came on. I saw them a few weeks ago at the Jade Tree Records Showcase and they were amazing, definitely the best set i've ever seen in my life. They didn't disappoint this time either. There were a couple of technical difficulties, and some tuning problems, but it didn't even matter. They just kick ass. On top of all that, the singer is fucking hilarious. The Explosion kicked my ass tonight. If you like stripped down, no frills, kick ass punk rock, then you will like The Explosion. Their website is

All in all, a very good show.