Culture Abuse - Peach (Cover Artwork)

Culture Abuse

Peach (2016)

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Culture Abuse have refined and narrowed down their sound with Peach, incorporating power pop choruses and even a few upstrokes. This matured sound is a more melodic and user-friendly approach than past releases, and is a well executed progression for the band.

Culture Abuse maintains the punk rock vibe that they have cultivated with past releases, but have emphasized their grunge and pop influences with Peach. The 90’s rock influence on this record is almost overwhelming at times, while there is nothing musically wrong with this, I mean who doesn’t love 90’s rock? There is something about it that is a little excessive, and perhaps a bit trendy. The overall vibe from Peach reminds me of an early 90’s Full House episode with drugs instead of hugs.

Style and hype aside, Culture Abuse has written some catchy and solid songs on this record. “Turn it off”, “Yuckies” and “Don’t worry” are well done, stand out rock and roll songs. Each song has a huge chorus with a catchy pop sensibility, but still manage to keep a grimy DIY punk rock feel to them, which I think is a strong point within this band. I find the latter half of the record to be the stronger half, but the entire album has a well thought out flow to it.

Peach is a good record, the songs are well written with choruses that will undoubtedly help Culture Abuse pack clubs in the future with a beer spilling, cigarette smoking vibe, that will appeal to a lot of younger kids in the scene (despite the Dead To Me connection that has helped in the past). My biggest issue with Peach is that at times it comes off as a record that is supposed to sound specifically like what is currently popular, as opposed to sounding like a more organic and natural release. That aside, Peach is a fun and enjoyable listen that is sure to dazzle many past and future fans alike.