The Wilding Incident - Prey for the Wolfpack (Cover Artwork)

The Wilding Incident

Prey for the Wolfpack (2016)

Reaper Records

The Wilding Incident is another hardcore super group to add to the growing list that is steadily emerging within the scene. Featuring the infamous Lord Ezec from Crown Of Thornz and Skarhead on vocals, as well as members of Nausea and Maximum Penalty rounding out the line up. I was pretty excited to check out their new E.P. Prey for the Wolfpack.

Going into this release I expected to either love it or leave it, as sometimes in hardcore the hype around a super group exceeds the quality of the band; I was pleased to find out with Prey for the Wolfpack, that this was not the case. The Wilding Incident doesn’t seem to have as much Internet presence or hype as S.O.S. or World Be Free, but they definitely hold their own in the music department. Prey for the Wolfpack is a raw hardcore record that expertly combines punk rock ethos and melody with the grimy vocals and hard riffs of their past bands.

The content of the lyrics aren’t covering any new ground, touching on topics of the community, New York’s stop and frisk law as well as the bands feelings about police in general, but manage to stay relevant without being redundant. “Billy Club” is one of the strongest points of the record, providing a fast and somewhat melodic pace that leads nicely into a groovy New York style breakdown.

While this E.P. may be short in length, Prey for the Wolfpack provides a great summer time hardcore punch. It might not be Crown Of Thornz or Skarhead, but it is an E.P. of hardcore veterans that is definitely worth checking out.