Good Riddance - Live in Las Vegas (Cover Artwork)

Good Riddance

Live in Las Vegas (2016)

live show

Punk Rock Bowling this year was epic as usual. It's probably better to review one bar show so others can have their two cents. On Friday, the Fremont Country Club hosted a club show with Spanish Love Songs, Death By Stereo, H2O and Good Riddance. Spanish Love Songs from Los Angeles started out and played emo/pop punk songs with fast, crunchy guitars. Death By Stereo came on next. DBS is a great hardcore band and their vocalist has an excellent singing voice with a lot of vocal range that enhances their performance. They played "Holding Sixty Dollars on a Burning Bridge" from the Epitaph compilations and a lot of their later songs. H2O came next and were amazing. They played many songs off their first album including "Five Year Plan," and other classics like "EverReady," and "Nothing to Prove." Good Riddance came on last as headliner and they played "United Cigar," "Mother Superior" and the pit went wild for a "Credit to His Gender." They were nice enough to give a warning they had 15 songs left when everyone was drunk and tired too. Some of the club shows had fights among other things, but this show was a fun time of fist pumping hardcore punk.