Can't Swim - Death Deserves A Name (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Can't Swim

Death Deserves A Name (2016)

Pure Noise Records

Can’t Swim are the newest addition to the Pure Noise lineup and it seems like they fit the mold quite nicely. Their sound can be compared to labelmates like Handguns, The Story So Far, and Four Year Strong. But the band definitely has a heavier and softer edge as they prove on their new EP, Death Deserves A Name. The EP is a testimony to the band’s key sound. With an opening spot on Four Year Strong’s tour coming in March, the band will definitely catch the attention of the crowd.

The EP is an impressive collection of detailed and catchy pop punk songs. “Come Home” starts off slow but turns into an impressively energetic pop rock song that showcases the band’s ability to write diverse and appealing songs. Most of the songs revolve around the poppy choruses while using the verses for softer atmospheric sounds. Can’t Swim also proves their edgier side with bass driven songs and more aggressive pop territory the band doesn’t seem afraid to explore on songs like “Way It Was” and “Your Clothes.” The band definitely have a diverse territory that wraps up nicely in the pop-rock genre.

The best thing about Death Deserves A Name is that it isn’t overbearing. The band uses five extremely well written songs to show what they sound like. Each song is filled with something different while still maintaining Can’t Swim’s overall vibe. Can’t Swim is an impressive addition to Pure Noise Records and their new EP will lead them to big places in 2016.