Atreyu - Long Live (Cover Artwork)


Long Live (2015)


Atreyu like most bands that evolve get a bad wrap. It is not as good as 'Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses' or they were sell outs on 'Paper Anchors and Lead Sails'. Bands exploration into music opens the way for the keyboard warriors. As a long time fan of Atreyu I have welcomed all the facets of the band. I was excited to hear 'Long Live'.

Through first listen I can hear all aspects of their back catalogue in this album. 'Long Live' sets the pace, it is Atreyu of old, powerful and melodic. It sets the scene for the next 13 songs. The chemistry between Alex and Brandon with screams and melodic vocals is on display throughout the whole album.

The highlight of the album is 'A Bitter Broken Memory' it is everything that is awesome about Ateryu. Powerful music, melodic chorus, which I am sure will stay I you head hours later, lyrics packed with emotion. The solo is not over technical but fits perfectly with the backing vocals in the song. Would have to be up there with one of Ateryu's best.

Other notable mentions on the album are 'I Would Kill/Lie/Die (for you)', with an infectious groove and when the chorus kicks in, will replay in your head long after the song finishes. Ye combination of vocals at the end expresses the emotion that Atreyu capture in their songs.

Do you know who you are? Feels like a call to arms. An interesting song which will be hit and miss with listeners. I felt it broke the album up and it grew on my over multiple listens.Revival is a interesting instrumental, would have loved this to be explored more. A longer instrumental piece or a fully fledged song.

Reckless and So Others May Live close out the album showing the ferociousness of Atreyu. I can imagine the pit going mad at Reckless aground the 2:30 min mark. Again the chorus of So Others May Live will be on repeat in your head. I love when the last song on an album makes you want to restart the album again. Like Matchbook by Strung Out on Twisted by Design. So Others May Live, you will be reaching for play again.

If you didnt like Atreyu before, This album won't change your views. I felt that this album celebrates Atreyu, with nods to their heavy roots and more mainstream albums. I look forward to the future of Atreyu. Personally I am glad they are back and this album shows they still have songs in them that are heavy and melodic at the same time. This album definitely is not a bitter broken memory.