One Man Army/Madcap/The Curse - live in Boston (Cover Artwork)

One Man Army / Madcap / The Curse

live in Boston (2002)

live show

The Explosion is touring again?! I have to go see them!

OK so this is what I was thinking to myself when I heard the news of one of my favorite punk bands heading out on another tour, after I was sure that they had broken up. This is how excited I was until I realized that... I wouldn't be able to see them.

My first TT the Bears experience was a great one. I walked in an hour early and bought my ticket to the show, all the while knowing that I would not be able to check out a set from the band that I was hoping to see. Damn the T, not going back to Andover past 12:00. So instead I would check out the Curse, Mad Cap and One Man Army. Not a bad bunch of bands if you ask me.

Hailing from Philadelphia Pennsylvania the Curse came out to a crowd of about 40 and rocked us hard. Not being familiar with them before this show I had no preconceptions of what to expect. At first glance they looked like they would be a poppish sounding band that migh be a little boring... this, however, was just at first glance. I got the complete opposite. This band knocked me on my ass running through a 12 (I dont know for sure) song set in about a half an hour. They play a brand of punk that is hard and fast, energetic and fun. The lack of crowd participation didnt upset them at all... they took it in stride. I checked out their split EP with G!ftt, Knives Out, and Paint it Black and it didnt dissapoint either. I would definitely suggest anybody check this band out.

I am sure you are all pretty familiar with Mad Cap by now. I saw them play at Warped Tour 2001 and wasn't too impressed. But this time it was totally different. I had picked up their newest album, East to West, and couldn't get enough of it. So I was pumped to see them tonight. A larger crowd had gathered, including the guys from the River City Rebels, and was prepared to hear Mad Cap go through songs like "On the Road", "These Old Feelings", "Hometown" and closing up the show with "Bright Lights Big City", which I am sure everyone has had some experience with now. If you havent just check out any Mad Cap flash e-card and you will know what I am talking about.

On to One Man Army. I had never heard them before. I saw people wearing their shirts but never actually remembered to check them out... until tonight. They are incredible. Just what I wanted from a band. A good punk rock band that could rock my ass off. I ran out of money after buying the Curse's split and a few Budweisers so I couldnt get over to their merch booth and get any recording by them. Just like the Curse they played a hard and fast form of punk rock. Playing a pretty damn good mix of older material with new stuff they had extra time to introduce us to a man who soon would be called "Worcester". According to the band they asked him in Worcester if he knew how to play guitar and he said he could so they took him to the show at TT's. This seemed like it couldnt be true to I just took it as a funny as hell joke. Anyone know for sure?

Anyway, like I said, there was a lack of explosion for me. Since I have no wheels of my own to ride down to Boston in I had to take the T from Andover. Unfortunately the last train back left at midnight so I had to leave the show at 11 so I would be able to make it on time. Maybe, just maybe, they will tour again and I will be able to check them out... we can only hope. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go buy my tickets to this years Hometown throwdown.