Look Mexico - Uniola (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Look Mexico

Uniola (2016)

Tiny Engines

Any album whose song titles are Vin Diesel references should get the automatic classic stamp of approval, not so? Sorry, Look Mexico. I'm a make you work for it. Before I get into it, I've always been a fan. Technically solid and very proficient at how they bring their math-rock vision to life. Think Enemies meets bands like As Tall As Lions and Foxing. Melodic and warm, to say the least. Uniola follows in the same vein, lingering on the slower side of the spectrum, which finds them doing what I call the Beach Slang. Perfecting a sound over years, and repeating the shit out of it. They're good at what they do but sometimes, you just want more.

Most of the tracks are twinkly, poppy affairs laced with intertwining riffs that'd make your Tiny Moving Parts spin. "Ride or Die, Remember?" and "We Are Groot" are prime examples of this. Slow burns that barely ride the mid-tempo range. Catchy and head-bobbing yet you know once Look Mexico rough it a bit more, the entire complexion of the record will change for the better. "Ice? Yeah, You Could Chisel Some Off Your Heart, If You Could Find It" signifies just what I mean. Faster, edgier and impulsive. The kind of direction I felt they'd have evolved down by now. But nonetheless, in terms of big indie hooks and wispy musical passages, Look Mexico don't deviate from the plan and continue to build their house from the same material of old. Not a bad listen by any means but Uniola doesn't feel as fresh as it surely would have a few years ago.